Cam has championed green and healthy transportation

Leading the fight to:

Improve transit

  • Electrify buses
  • Build arterial bus rapid transit like the B Line on Lake Street
  • Make transit free
  • Signal priority, bus-only lanes, and other ways to give buses preference

Build out the full network of protected bikeways and trails

Improve walkability in every neighborhood

Fight freeway expansion

Working hand-in-hand with social movements to make real change:

Dec 2020
Fought to undo the harm that freeways have done to our communities, especially BIPOC communities

Cam opposes the expansion or status quo reconstruction of I-94, and called for several approaches to reconnect and reclaim that corrdior for BIPOC communities

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Dec 2020
Put the City on record supporting a Greenway crossing over the Mississippi

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Dec 2020
Fought for City-led clearance of snow and ice on sidewalks

As part of supporting a visionary Transportation Action Plan, Cam ensured the city will explore city-led snow removal.

Read more: Cam's Resolution - Transportation Action Plan

Improved safety by reducing speed limits citywide

"Lower traffic speeds reduce the likelihood of a crash and make all types of crashes less likely to lead to death or a life-changing injury. A person hit at 35 mph is three times as likely to die as someone hit at 25 mph."

Read more: Bring Me the News

Improved walkability, including the new mid-block crossing to connect Seward Tower West to Triangle Park

Read more: Seward Neighborhood Group

Established Vision Zero to end pedestrian and bike deaths

"Council Member Cam Gordon, chairman of the Health, Environmental and Community Engagement Committee, said Vision Zero will prompt a review to see if patterns exist in Minneapolis crashes."

Read more: Star Tribune

Worked with residents to improve safety at 29th Ave

Achieved the 29th Ave S closure at Midtown Greenway as part of the 29th Ave S bike boulevard.

Read more: Star Tribune

Co-authored the Complete Streets policy

Cam earned special thanks from Our Streets for co-authoring this "really important" policy.

Read more: Our Streets

Worked with residents to improve safety - Oak St protected bikeway

Added bike lanes and trails throughout Ward 2 neighborhoods, including on Minnehaha, Riverside, 26th Ave S, East and Southeast Franklin, 27th Ave,

Read more: Our Streets

Worked with Our Streets to plan and start building a network of protected bikeways

Read more: Bikeways for Everyone

Worked with Sierra Club and other transit advocates to invest in transit

Cam ensured the Green Line served Ward 2 communities