Cam has championed affordable housing for all

Leading the fight to:

Renter's Rights

  • Put rent control on the ballot in 2021 - and win
  • Prohibit evictions without just cause

Expand housing for those experiencing homelessness

  • Work with shelter providers to give even more flexibility for homeless shelters
  • Allow shared affordable housing like single room occupancy and rooming houses

Build Public and Affordable Housing

  • Work with renters advocates like Inquilidxs Unidxs to pass a Tenant Opportunity to Purchase ordinance
  • Defend and increase public housing
  • Build more deeply affordable housing for people with the lowest incomes

Working hand-in-hand with social movements to make real change:

Coauthored the Charter amendment to allow rent stabilization in Minneapolis.

Read more: Ward 2 Issues, Star Tribune

Coauthoring eviction protections for renters like Just Cause and pre-eviction notification requirements

Also known as "pay or quit"

Read more: Ward 2 Issues

Coauthoring Tenant Opportunity to Purchase ordinance

This policy would give tenants the right to purchase their home if the home is going to be sold.

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Leading efforts to fight homelessness, including re-legalizing Single Room Occupancy and Rooming Houses

Read more: MN Daily

Changed the law to make it easier to build homeless shelters

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Dec 2020
Incentivized public and affordable housing in new duplexes and triplexes in every neighborhood

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Funded Indoor Villages, a new housing model for people experiencing homelessness

Read more: Kare 11

Strongly supported anti-displacement policies like Community Preference

Read more: City of Minneapolis - and see also

Provided much more housing for people experiencing homelessness

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Coauthored the Built Form Overlay that incentivizes public housing, affordable, and environmentally sustainable duplexes and triplexes

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Approved Homeward Bound, a shelter to serve Native people

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Expanded homeownership, specifically targeted to people of color

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Created new renter protections on security deposits and background checks

Capped security deposits and banned landlords from using credit scores and background checks to deny people housing

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Demanded no evictions during the pandemic

Read more: Letter to Gov Walz

Leading efforts to defend Glendale townhomes, by nominating the area for historic designation

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Mandated affordable housing in market-rate projects

Inclusionary zoning requires new rental projects with 20 or more units to include affordable units.

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Worked with housing coops to remove maximum occupancy limits

Read more: City of Minneapolis (PDF)

Worked with Street Voices of Change to allow tiny home clusters like the Envision Community project

"This zoning code text amendment allows, for the first time in Minneapolis, the conditions necessary for people experiencing homelessness to live in housing designed and constructed within an attainable budget""

Read more: MICAH

Authored the ordinance allowing more flexibility to build Accessory Dwelling Units

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Helped build new 70-unit affordable housing in Towerside

Read more: Aeon

Funded right to counsel for renters

$650,000 for tenants' legal defense in Minneapolis.

Read more: Justice Policy

Built new public housing

The first new public housing in Minneapolis since 2010.

Read more: Longfellow Nokomis Messenger

Required landlords to disclose the energy use of apartments

Provides transparency in housing costs to renters by requirement disclosure of energy costs.

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Stable Homes Stable Schools

Worked with the Minneapolis Public Schools to provide housing support for students' families.

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Supported the nation-leading Comprehensive Plan to allow more housing to be built

"The furthest-reaching such proposal from a U.S. municipality, and comes after nearly a year of heated debate. The updated policy would upzone nearly the entire city"

Read more: Curbed

Worked with Riverton Student Cooperative and others to invest in housing coops

"Riverton Community Housing will develop a 95-unit, cooperative residential building called the Brook Avenue Co-op on 1220 Brook Ave in SE Como, adjacent to the Bunge Tower. Co-op housing lets tenants serve as members of the building’s self-governing body."

Read more: MN Daily

Helped build affordable housing in Prospect Park

The first Towerside building to include affordable housing, and a great step towards building a truly mixed-income, diverse new neighborhood

Read more: Star Tribune

Defended and invested in public housing like Glendale Townhomes

Read more: Clean Energy Resource Teams

Worked with housing coops to allow intentional communities

Cam authored the ordinance to change the zoning code, which previously limited the number of unrelated people who could live together to three in some part of the city and five in others.

Read more: Star Tribune

Expanded where homeless shelters can locate

Previous regulations severely restricted the establishment of new overnight shelters, creating a shortage of shelter beds and a concentration of shelter facilities in a small area of the city.

Read more: City of Minneapolis

Required landlords to provide adequate heat

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