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Marne Zafar, Seward neighborhood leader

Marne Zafar

Thoughtful and Caring. Knowledgeable and Invested in the issues. Always present and available to be the voice of his constituents. Always willing to fight for his neighbors’ rights.

Sahra Noor, former CEO of the People's Center (Cedar-Riverside)

Sahra Nour

I’ve worked with Cam closely over the years and know how much he cares about the health of everyone in our community, especially those who have for too long been left out and left behind. He has championed health equity in Ward 2 neighborhoods and across Minneapolis, with real results.

Scott Dibble, State Senator

Scott Dibble

Cam has been a champion for justice for all, from working with me on the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign, to fighting to make Minneapolis address institutional racism head-on. I support Cam because I know he will continue to be a powerful voice for justice.

Russom Solomon, owner, Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant

Russom Solomon

Cam cares about small, immigrant and BIPOC owned businesses like mine. When we ran into an issue with City staff, Cam was right there with us, supported us all the way, and made sure it was resolved in a way that allowed our business to thrive. I support Cam because I’ve seen how he supports our community.

Chris Mato Nunpa Ph.D., retired Associate Professor Indigenous Nations & Dakota Studies

Chris Mato Nunpa

As a Dakota man from the state of Minnesota, I am proud to support Cam Gordon for reelection to the Minneapolis City Council. Cam has been a consistent and powerful ally for justice, healing and reparations. One example of this was in his leadership in passing the historic "The Year of the Dakota: Remembering, Honoring, and Truth-Telling" resolution that was the first time, as far as I know, that any white governmental entity at any level used words like Genocide, Bounties, Concentration Camps, and Land Reparations in one of their official documents. He stands up for and with the people and is willing and able to challenge and change the power establishment as we know it. We need him on the Minneapolis City Council now, more than ever. Wopida Tanka eciciyapi do!

Christine Coughlin, MN State Director Humane Society of the United States

Christine Coughlin

My family and I have lived in Ward 2 for 20 years this fall. I feel tremendously grateful to have such a thoughtful and principled representative in Cam Gordon. Cam is accessible, welcoming, real, and respectful. He knows how to get things done- to turn good ideas into practical reality, which is a rare gift, especially in today’s world. He has a fearless mind, an open heart, and treats everyone well. Please join me in supporting Cam Gordon’s reelection to represent Ward 2 in Minneapolis.

Trahern Crews, Minnesota Green Party Chair

Trahern Crews

Cam Gordon applies our values of social justice and grassroots democracy, nonviolence, and ecological wisdom to make government work better for the people. He has been leading the fight for working families and is a great partner in our work for police accountability, racial justice, and reparations at the local level.

Jono Cowgill, Mpls Park Board President

Jono Cowgill

I am proud to support Cam Gordon for reelection to the Minneapolis City Council. In Minneapolis we are at a critical moment of transformational systems change that has the potential to substantially improve our city for a generation. We cannot afford to halt the momentum towards a more just public safety system, investments in renters protections, and a local green new deal. Cam has proven time and again that he can effectively work with community to pass and implement these initiatives. He is the experienced progressive leader we need to meet this moment.

Chris Meyer, Mpls Park Board Commissioner

Chris Meyer

Cam Gordon is one of the strongest climate champions in the entire state of Minnesota. He has sponsored countless environmental initiatives, and has been on the leading edge of policies to provide cleaner air and water, reduce plastic pollution, divest from fossil fuels, promote walking, biking, and public transit, and to increase investments in our parks. When environmental advocates have a new policy we hope to see enacted, we know that Cam Gordon is the first person to come to. We need Cam's continued outstanding leadership on the City Council.

Hirut May, Longfellow resident

Hirut May

Cam is one of the best. He respects everyone and cares about all the people of Ward 2. As a careful, patient listener, he takes the time to really understand. He was there for me when I needed him and he will be there for you too. Cam always puts people first.

Timothy DenHerder-Thomas, renewable energy advocate

Timothy DenHerder-Thomas

Cam's leadership has been essential for helping Minneapolis move forward on an approach to community solar that works for all of us, including renters, low-income folks, and communities of color. As a leader of a local clean energy cooperative making sure we can all own the benefits of clean energy, I've been proud to collaborate with Cam's efforts to ensure a just and equitable approach to climate solutions in Minneapolis.

John DeWitt, Prospect Park resident

John DeWitt

Cam has been a real champion for transit, walking and biking. He's helped make our streets safer and more comfortable for everyone, no matter how we choose to get around. That's important to me, and that's one reason why I'm supporting Cam.

Janne K. Flisrand, housing and transit advocate

Cam was focused on public safety and police accountability when he was first elected, and he's never lost sight of that work, whether the community was focused on it or not. He's learned what does and doesn't work to hold the Minneapolis Police Department accountable and to give the City Council tools to hold the MPD accountable. We need that experience in City Hall.

Pakou Hang, Community Advocate

Pakou Hang

In my tenure as the Executive Director for the Hmong American Farmers Association and a member of the Minneapolis Food Council, I observed Cam’s relentless leadership, his integrity and his thoughtfulness. I remember oftentimes leaving Food Council meetings and feeling so grateful that we had such a person like Cam in a leadership role.

Matthew Hendricks, Seward resident, bike advocate

Matthew Hendricks

Cam and his staff have been tireless, consistent, and effective advocates for our neighborhood. They show up to neighborhood meetings and events, they listen to residents, and they are not afraid to tackle complicated problems. From climate change to affordable housing to safer streets, their work over the years has resulted in real improvements in Seward and across the City.

Jenna Hoge, Prospect Park resident

Jenna Hoge

I first met Cam when I went to his office hours with a problem. He listened to my issue, asked thoughtful questions, and he connected me to the right people who could help. That’s Cam Gordon’s way, and that’s why I support Cam for Ward 2 City Council: Cam listens to and engages with our community and then he brings those voices and ideas forward, navigating the complex City bureaucracy so they can actually happen. I believe in Cam’s values - justice, sustainability, and peace - and I believe in his approach.

Between his community involvement around the police precinct in Seward, his public safety block talks, his being up all night with the election arrests on 94, he has demonstrated commitment to listening, standing with us, and following through on the promise he made in Powderhorn Park this summer.

Joshua Houdek, Longfellow resident and environmental advocate

Joshua Houdek

Cam votes 100% the way I would, on every issue: from safer streets to policing. Just as importantly, Cam and policy aide Robin get things done, in my neighborhood and across our city. Cam's got my vote in 2021. 

Areslio Magana, Union Worker

Areslio Magana

Cam provided his support when it counted the most! I thank Cam for standing with city workers and good union jobs!

Lydia McAnerney, Prospect Park resident

Lydia McAnerney

I am honored to support Cam Gordon's re-election campaign. As my Minneapolis City Council person, Cam's work in the city council shows he is true to his values of social, economic, and racial justice, affordable housing, and environmental sustainability. These areas are important to me, and I want someone in this office who will continue to champion these causes. His statement of "bringing together people who care, to win real, concrete change" shows his commitment to making our city better for all, including people both in and outside of his ward.

Unny Nambudiripad

Unny Nambudiripad

The Minneapolis City Council needs somebody who is devoted to listening to the most marginalized voices, showing up consistently in community and support of positive social change, and has a deep understanding and willingness to learn about local policy. Cam Gordon is that person and I am excited to endorse him.

Jamie Schumacher, small business organizer

Jamie Schumacher

Cam Gordon is the real deal. I first met Cam after working with the West Bank Business Association. He was not my home neighborhood council member, but he came to feel like my council member thanks to his steady presence and reliability in communication and leadership.

Cam is a member of Minneapolis Green party, and has been a consistent advocate for neighborhood needs in housing, community-led development, and ethical processes in a political landscape tinged with dramatic politicking.

One of the things I appreciate about Cam is that he always made sure there was a seat for me. In conversations about the University that would impact West Bank businesses, he made sure to invite me to join. Cam and his equally collaborative aide Robin Garwood did their best to keep the West Bank at the table, even though we could be a feisty neighborhood to work with.

Some folks come to council as a stepping stone on their path to continually increasing political power and financial gain. Others come to council from a deep desire to serve their community - to listen, to share, and to help make their city a better place to live, learn and work. Leadership in city politics shouldn’t be about working your way up the political hierarchy. It should be about how you represent your constituents. How you use your seat of power to hold the city accountable for its missteps, and help build a better city for everyone - everyone that lives there. 

Cam is that kind of leader for Minneapolis, a leader who serves from his values and expects the same level of accountability from the city, too. We’re lucky to have representatives like Cam on the council team, continually moving our city in the right direction.  

Dr. Jayne Swift, organizer, Sex Workers Outreach Project

Jayne Swift

I had the pleasure of working with CM Gordon as part of SWOP-Minneapolis’s campaign to revise the city’s adult entertainment ordinance. Adult entertainment has traditionally been treated as a social nuisance that should be curtailed or isolated from the broader community. This approach leads to poor labor conditions and economic exploitation of workers in this highly feminized and racialized industry.

CM Gordon was diligent about crafting evidence-based policy, centering the perspectives and needs of workers, and improving labor conditions within the adult entertainment industry. Sex workers and people in the sex trades are often not consulted in the policy decisions that directly impact their lives. By contrast, CM Gordon demonstrated a clear desire to bring traditionally marginalized stakeholders to the table.

Lori Janies, Southeast Como resident

Lori Janies

Cam has been committed to social justice, collaborative leadership, and speaking truth to power since long before he held elected office. I’m proud to know him and his family and to have him represent our community.

Greg Klave, Seward resident

Greg Klave

I support Cam because as an independent voice on the council he worked with grassroots organizations and councilmembers to implement changes in city policy affecting climate change, rent control police reform, affordable housing, transportation. He has done this without getting due credit from the media and the public at large because he works truly as a public servant serving the people of his Ward. When others on the city council have not acted on important matters Cam has always been the one l can count on to give citizens access to city council decision making so their voice can be heard. His long tenure on the city council should be awarded with Ward 2 residents' votes so he can continue his public service for another term.

Dick Westby, Seward resident

Dick Westby

I support Cam because he is a progressive in action - working hard for policies to benefit all people, particularly those who have been disenfranchised and excluded in the past. He greets people with joy and a smile and stays connecting to the needs and desires of neighbors - holding backyard conversations, holds open office hours in neighborhood locations, and regularly attending meetings of neighborhood organizations and business associations. He has the experience and knowledge to get laws and regulations approved that will help make the city better for all people.

Alex Tsatsoulis, Longfellow resident

Listening to Cam Gordon talk about his vision for Minneapolis is so dang inspiring. His passion, energy, and willingness to listen and learn makes him one of the best elected officials in our city. I’m very glad he’s my council member!

Betsy Barnum, Ward 2 resident and 5th CD Green Party member

Cam is my choice for Ward 2 City Council because he has been an instigator and/or supporter of numerous ordinance and policy changes to make the city more just and more community-focused. As a skilled listener, he involves residents of the city in determining its direction, and as an effective coalition-builder, he gathers support from other elected leaders to move critical changes forward. He has my vote.

And proud to have the support of many more!

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