About Cam

Portrait of Cam Gordon

Cam (he/him pronouns) has been widely regarded as a progressive leader on the Minneapolis City Council. He has worked hand in hand with social movements, acting as their champion inside City government and achieving real progressive results. He is known as a listener who brings people together to make our city a more just, equitable, sustainable place.

Cam has lived in Minneapolis all his life, including in the Cedar Riverside, Longfellow and Seward neighborhoods. He has worked as a teacher, a small business owner, a community organizer, an author, a journalist, and a musician. He currently lives in Seward, with his wife Sarah and his sons Sam and Gabe.

Cam helped found the Green Party of Minnesota. He served as co-chair of the Seward Neighborhood Group, and on the boards of directors of FairVote Minnesota, Common Cause Minnesota, the Minneapolis Center for Neighborhoods.

Cam graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B. S. in Secondary Education, and completed graduate programs in Montessori teaching at the College of St. Catherine.